Monday, June 21, 2010

Lots of Updates!

So Yes, I know it has been FOREVER since I updated, but I am going to try and cram it all in to one to catch up. Life would be so much better if there was an app that automatically updated your blog, facebook, photo album and everything else as activities happened. Now that would be a money maker. We traveled to El Dorado, I started leading the youth group, Max had his first cereal and I am sure I am missing something but that fills a day up. The pictures and captions below aren't necessarily in chronological order, but they all happened recently and pretty much tell the story.

Max playing after getting his belly full of the second day of cereal and a nice bath to clean it all off his little hands.

Max eating the cereal off his hands, I think next time I'll forget the spoon, he gets more in his mouth this way.

The youth enjoying our trip to the bowling alley, had to stop for ice cream afterwards of course!

Max sitting up in his bumbo seat, he already likes to throw things, in training for Quarterback a little early

Father's Day! Tyler was gone to church camp

More cereal pictures, does he look full?

6am kickball, yes, 6am kickball after the lock-in at church

Rock band about 2am I think. I was delirious by now.

Abbi about 3am, yes, that is chocolate on her face and yes, she is that awake.

Swimming about midnight during lock-in, tried to wear them down. Didn't work...

Joyful game of Junior Apples to Apples

Max's first swim at a youth outing last Wednesday

Tyler is going down the slide trying to make the basket, yes he did.

Visit to El Dorado pictures. We celebrated Father's day a little early. Does he look like a proud Pappa???

My most precious photo ever!

Sunday, May 23, 2010


Advanced, what a perfect way to describe my wonderful children :) Of course, most every Mom would say this of their precious little ones but my little angels are so special. Tyler got inducted into the National Junior High Honor Society. I was so proud. He is such a smart boy, no idea where he gets it from. Just kidding, me of course, ha ha. He is really getting better in baseball too. It is so much fun to watch him play sports. He had an amazing catch the other day, he was running toward the ball, hat flew off and he made the catch! He picked number 27 in memory of John, I think he has a little help from above. Abbi likes to get picklesicles at the games, yes, frozen pickle juice. Makes me gag just thinking about it.

I got to take his youth group on an outing the other day to a regional youth rally with another mom. I drove the church van and everything, make you nervous? The kids had fun and the games were hilarious to watch, mermaid, whale, plunger ball, very interesting. I hope to get to do more activities with them this summer.

We had a blast our last quick trip to El Dorado. John Maxwell got to go see Mamma and we got to stay with Brandi and Grannie.

I started back work part-time, I only have to stay until 2pm until June 1 when Eric and the kids get out of school. That will be tough, everyone at home but me. Oh well, at least we both have jobs that pay the bills and we enjoy. We are blessed.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Quick Update

I haven't updated in forever and man have we been busy! Abbi had field day at her school and Max and I got to go help out. We were in charge of the potato relay. Super fun. Later on they had a brainstorm night. It was really neat, each grade's teachers setup a learning station about something having to do with flight - bats, airplanes, butterflies, kites... The funnest part was shaking up alka seltzer tabs in pill bottles and then sitting them down to let them explode like rockets. They flew so high!

The whole family went to Razorfest and had a blast. It rained a few times, but we walked around and I got the biggest corn dog I have ever seen, yummy! It felt good to stray from the diet. Abbi, her friend and I got tired fast, but Eric and Tyler stayed behind for the Red & White game. I am so ready for football season, the best part is the family visits.

I had a garage sale this past weekend, it was pretty successful but the best part was getting the kids rooms cleaned out. Tyler's took a couple of hours, Abbi's a few days. Go figure.

Max and I have gotten to go eat lunch with Abbi quite often. I have to just drop off Tyler's for him, he doesn't like the idea of Mommy staying to eat with him. Oh well, one day I'll be cool again, or maybe not. Tyler has been having baseball practice and scrimmages. I love going to watch him play, I have been missing it! I wish he would play sports year round, it is so much fun watching him and his friends.

Max is sleeping 6-8 hours every night. Still in my arms, but sleeping. It is a start. I put Tyler and Abbi in their beds at about 3 months, so we have a few more weeks. He is napping in his playpen now during the day so hopefully he will do well for the sitter.

Well, I go back to work part time Friday, yes this Friday! Time has flown by too quickly. I'll have to make the next couple of days as productive as possible, hence the quick blog update. We are off to El Do this weekend for Mother's Day. I can't wait to see everyone and watch Isabel and Jansen's dance recital. Next time I update I'll be a working Mom again, say a prayer for us all.

We are blessed.