Monday, June 21, 2010

Lots of Updates!

So Yes, I know it has been FOREVER since I updated, but I am going to try and cram it all in to one to catch up. Life would be so much better if there was an app that automatically updated your blog, facebook, photo album and everything else as activities happened. Now that would be a money maker. We traveled to El Dorado, I started leading the youth group, Max had his first cereal and I am sure I am missing something but that fills a day up. The pictures and captions below aren't necessarily in chronological order, but they all happened recently and pretty much tell the story.

Max playing after getting his belly full of the second day of cereal and a nice bath to clean it all off his little hands.

Max eating the cereal off his hands, I think next time I'll forget the spoon, he gets more in his mouth this way.

The youth enjoying our trip to the bowling alley, had to stop for ice cream afterwards of course!

Max sitting up in his bumbo seat, he already likes to throw things, in training for Quarterback a little early

Father's Day! Tyler was gone to church camp

More cereal pictures, does he look full?

6am kickball, yes, 6am kickball after the lock-in at church

Rock band about 2am I think. I was delirious by now.

Abbi about 3am, yes, that is chocolate on her face and yes, she is that awake.

Swimming about midnight during lock-in, tried to wear them down. Didn't work...

Joyful game of Junior Apples to Apples

Max's first swim at a youth outing last Wednesday

Tyler is going down the slide trying to make the basket, yes he did.

Visit to El Dorado pictures. We celebrated Father's day a little early. Does he look like a proud Pappa???

My most precious photo ever!

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